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Anonymous 15:39 18.12.2003
GMAT Advanced Simulator (GAS) is GMAT exam preparation software. GAS is intended for students, who are already familiar with GMAT basics and have the necessary verbal and quantitative skills for taking GMAT. Our GMAT CATs will help you to score higher in GMAT.

GAS software consists of test generating module and tests themselves. The generator processes the test, calculates the score and enables the user to check correct answers with explanations. The testing process is entirely compliant with the basics of the authentic GMAT CAT (Computer Adaptive Test), developed by ETS (Educational Testing Service). The results calculating methods are also identical to those, used in real GMAT CAT by ETS.

The tests are updated on a monthly basis; each month two new tests are published by R&B. This makes it possible to reflect the latest trends of GMAT and to train the students accordingly. More than the ten years' experience of tutoring for GMAT CAT, accumulated by the R&B consultants allows us to identify the most frequently occurring mistakes, and to develop skills necessary for successful delivery of real examination through drilling on full-length GMAT CATs.

Best Regards,
GAS team


Тема Tests / GMAT / Take 4 practice GMATs (2861 просмотр(ов))
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