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Anonymous 04:02 10.02.2002 [Ответить]
Hi folks,
just take a look at this, and you will not be suprised any more why your verbal part of the test is so bad.

My friend just told me a website in China that test takers in collusively memeorize the questions during the test within the month and post it publicly to benefit the test-takers followed. I went into the website and surprisingly found that not only vocabulary in verbal are posted but also the answers. Besides, reading comprehension articles are posted by their rough sketch in chinese. Most tricky Quantitative questions are posted. Analytic questions are posted in chinese. The website has been running since the commencement of GRE CAT and you can in fact retrieve all the historical posting from database of the website.
The most outrageous thing is the fact that it is so widely known to students in China. I occasionally go into BBS of Peking U, Tsinghua U and USTC, students there all know about the website and take it for granted that it is a legitimate way to prepare for the examination. It is highly unlikely that chinese students taking GRE is unaware fo the website. Given that situation, how can other international students especially those from Hong Kong and Taiwan compete with them.
One of the chinese students taking the GRE paper test claim that he had reported the existence of website to ETS. But, up to now, it seems that the website is still running pretty good. I have spoken to a lot of Chinese students (Tsinghua, PKU, USTC) here in the US and they all claim that they are clean on GRE CAT (Even the guy informed me about the existence of the website claim that he is clean!). My opinion is: the only reason they think they are clean is that they don't consider it is cheating (but in fact it is!). Hope ETS can deal with the problem ASAP because the whole fairness of the test within the asian community has been undermined since the introduction of GRE CAT (vs paper test).

This is new to me but lots of ppl told me that chinese students got the same thing for GRE subject tests too. The ETS, say, has about 600 questions for physics tests in their database. In each test they take out 100 questions. In lots of physics department in china, they got files of "old test", which are q. that the students remembered after taking the test wrote up for other students.
in my school (midwest), more than half of students in CS grad classes are chinese and indians. they typically copy projects and homework from each other. i am very upset about this. that makes asian students look bad.

1. What are you talking about? I don't think GRE 1900 from European is considered more favourable than 2200 from Chinese. Are you saying that US admission committees have already considered all scores from mainland china are fake and expected higher score (especially verbal) from chinese students? - I don't think so. Even if it is so, do you think it is fair for students from Hongkong and taiwan who know nothing about the website?
2. I think you've admitted that "jijing" contains undisclosed GRE questions that are currently in the test bank. GRE verbal to most of international students is the only hurdle to get over. If you can know the vocabulary in advance, you can substantially improve your overall GRE scores and look much favorably in graduate application. Would you still think that it is fair? I don't think knowing questions of the other parts in advance will have any negative effect on your test.
3. You still did not tell us how chinese students prepare "jijing". Maybe I can help you out. "Jijing" is built on the questions recalled by test-takers of the same month and posted and circulated through the internet within that month (of course in Chinese so that foreigners cannot access to it). Do you still think looking at "jijing" is a good way to build vocabulary? Yeah, I am sure it is the most efficient way to build vocabulary that will be appeared in the actual test within that month.
4. I can't imagine how hard one have to work if possessing "jijing". Q800 is easily achieved by Asian. A700 can reasonably achieved by one weeks practicing for good students. 2 days on "jijing" can give you a fair odd for V600-700. 9 days (vs 3 months) preparation give you GRE 2100-2200. Do you have any idea how much time a non-native English speaker have to spend on vocabulary to kick his verbal from 400 to 700?

You are implying that students from China is forced to read "jijing" and hence they are innocent. Instead of blaming, you are suggesting we should sympathize them although they have cheated, scored high in standardise test and diminished our odd to our best attainable university. What a great opinion.


Anonymous 19:47 01.09.2002 [Ответить] Корень раздела
Will you please send me the GRE questions if you have
or tell me the web site name. Thanking you.

Samuel Karunakar Reddy,

Anonymous 13:10 02.09.2002 [Ответить] Корень раздела
Will you send me Gre General qustion or web-site, please?
Thanks in advance.


Anonymous 23:42 02.09.2002 [Ответить] Корень раздела
All these questions are in chinese, and you know it's a cheating to look at those questions.


Anonymous 18:50 26.09.2002 [Ответить] Корень раздела
If chinese may cheat I may cheat too. All testtakers should have equal opportunities. So how about a reference to the site with the questions you are speaking about?


Anonymous 07:48 05.10.2002 [Ответить] Корень раздела
Hey..did you figure out what these web sites are??

If yes, can you share..

Much appreciated..



Anonymous 19:34 08.10.2002 [Ответить] Корень раздела
hai , I am vijay have you tracked ETS test questions ?
It,s unbelievable if it's true ? if you have tracked down please me. I will be taking test in OCT/NOV 2003
Thank You


Anonymous 08:18 13.11.2002 [Ответить] Корень раздела
hello friend
i despeately your help.
Will u please help me in getting ETS questions?


Anonymous 07:58 15.11.2002 [Ответить] Корень раздела
, I am RAGHUNATH have you GOT ETS test questions ?
? if you have ,please MAIL me. I will be taking test in /NOV 2003
Thank You


Anonymous 23:20 10.07.2004 [Ответить] Корень раздела

Anonymous 08:20 13.11.2002 [Ответить] Корень раздела
hello friend
i despeately need your help.
Will u please help me in getting gre questions

i will be giving the exam in NOV Last week.


Anonymous 09:16 25.11.2002 [Ответить] Корень раздела
Если я не ошибаюсь, ты живешь в Новосибирске. Я тоже. Ты не знаешь, у кого можно приобрести книги по GMAT?


Anonymous 08:17 27.11.2002 [Ответить] Корень раздела

Don't be said! You don't need the questions from the Chinese website. I can read Chinese but I don't want to take a look at those questions. I want to get my OWN score. Cheer up!

They have some chinese test takers in the states and in China. You need to pay $5000 USD an you will get at least 700 on your GMAT. I don't know the price for GRE and the score. I studied on my own and got only 590.

I just hope ETS can find out those websites and stop them.

Someday I will be proud of myself because I am a person of character not one who attends famous schools.

Good luck!

ETS please stop the cheating

Anonymous 15:55 03.12.2003 [Ответить] Корень раздела
Hi, can you tell me who I need to contact if I'm willing to pay $5000 USD for a good GMAT score. I've taken the GMAT 4 times and I just can't get the score I need. Please I'd appreciate your help very much.

John Mac,

Anonymous 15:20 16.02.2005 [Ответить] Корень раздела
Hey John,
I think I have the same problem. I have taken the GMAT 3 times and can´t score enough points. Did you get any help from Gill???? please let me know. It is very important to me



Anonymous 08:39 19.03.2004 [Ответить] Корень раздела
Dear friend,

I am khadimshah, i need the gre question, if u have could u please send it me.

thanks, i will be anxiously waiting for your reply.



Anonymous 08:31 27.11.2002 [Ответить] Корень раздела
Hi, I want to add some new info to your message. I have heard that they ar selling those so called Jijing questions. They even have a school (not the famous one who is being suited by ETS).This small school uses real questions( they really show up in the real tests. it is more than Jijing and of course they are in English and "computerized"?). I am not quite sure about the computerized part because I heard it from my chinese friends.

But don't forget there are still many wonderful test taker got high score withour JiJing.

We will be one of them.
I will forward a website that provides math questions. It is 20 dollars a month

You can find tons of gre and gmat info bying surfing

Good luck!

they sell the JiJing questions,

Anonymous 03:12 31.03.2003 [Ответить] Корень раздела
Hi, I hope ETS stops people from selling these worthless exams, such as those sold by
which do not help anyone prepare for the GMAT.

The questions are out of date, are bad "simulations." that appear to be badly written and not representative of actual GMAT questions.

Save your money.

Junky Gmat Tests

Anonymous 13:17 01.12.2002 [Ответить] Корень раздела
WARNING! The information represented in this discussion is incorrect. It seeems that the messages posted by "gill" (, "ETS please stop the cheating" and "they sell the JiJing questions" ( were written by the same person.

It is not true that there are some chineese web-sites containing GRE "Jijing" questions! Read the following:"Jijing is built on the questions recalled by test-takers of the same month and posted and circulated through the internet within that month (of course in Chinese so that foreigners cannot access to it)". Do you believe that it is possible? Imagine that you have a real question from the verbal part of GRE. For example:

(A) dote : like
(B) lag : stray
(C) vex : please
(D) earn : desire
(E) recast : explain

Translate it into your native language. Will the translation enable you to choose the correct answer when you will be taking the test? Consider that you will not be able to look at the translation during the test.

The only way to learn the questions is to bribe an ETS instructor. I would never act in such a way and would you? -No.

Just study hard and you will not need any "JiJing questions".



Anonymous 21:27 25.08.2004 [Ответить] Корень раздела

How do you know that this info is incorrect? I saw these sites by myself, and I know people who used these sites to get high scores. Would you please give me evidence besides your stupid example that it's not true? It's not difficult at all to memorize this stuff.

Btw it's not the same person.


Anonymous 20:09 16.02.2003 [Ответить] Корень раздела
check out


Anonymous 06:06 23.02.2003 [Ответить] Корень раздела
Have you considered graduate school but figured the cost vs. the benefit was not worth it?

Was your GRE decent but you did not gain admission to the schools that you thought you might?

Did you know that both the computerized general GRE and the comuter science subject exam were compromised in Asia?

Universities get federal money just for filling seats. They like students with high GRE scores even though they might have been gained unfairly. U.S. students are unaware that these tests were compromised.

Wages are dropping in some fields and job opportunities are disapearing because we are over-producing graduate students in some fields. This practice brings money (through the government) to universities and generates huge profits for industry.

Learn more...
Americans for Higher Education Reform

Americans for Higher Education Reform,

Anonymous 06:00 24.02.2003 [Ответить] Корень раздела
Will you send me Gre General qustion or web-site, please?
Thanks in advance.


Anonymous 05:50 18.05.2003 [Ответить] Корень раздела
Do u know anyone who will take the GMAT for a fee?


Anonymous 18:34 19.05.2003 [Ответить] Корень раздела


Anonymous 06:31 28.05.2003 [Ответить] Корень раздела


Anonymous 06:27 28.05.2003 [Ответить] Корень раздела


Anonymous 23:56 11.06.2003 [Ответить] Корень раздела
I am preparing for GRE . do u have any GRE jijing questions ? I am looking for file a file which has analogy and antonmyn questions.
please tell me how to get the questions .

huang lebo,

Anonymous 23:55 11.06.2003 [Ответить] Корень раздела
I am preparing for GRE . do u have any GRE jijing questions ? I am looking for file a file which has analogy and antonmyn questions.
please tell me how to get the questions .

huang lebo,

Anonymous 00:24 08.04.2004 [Ответить] Корень раздела
Дорогие Дамы и Господа,

Хотел поделиться ссылкой на сайт который я начал год назад после того как удачно сдал свой ГМАТ.
Это бесплатный ресурс и основывается на принципе сообщества и помощи друг другу. У нас довольно много материалов и т.п. но все легальное, предупреждаю сразу. :-)

Загляните если есть время

Good luck on the gmat!

Founder of

Anonymous 15:24 16.02.2005 [Ответить] Корень раздела
I would be pleased if you could get me GMAT information which gives me a high score???


Anonymous 15:39 16.02.2005 [Ответить] Корень раздела
Could you help me out about any GMAT qustions??? I can´t get enough points. Please let me know
thanks in advance


Anonymous 17:21 16.05.2004 [Ответить] Корень раздела
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mlevins 06:53 22.08.2004 [Ответить] Корень раздела
Hi all,

I also heard many times that Chinese students do cheat when taking GRE etc...I heard it is possible to buy good GRE scores in many parts of the former USSR as well; in particular, I heard exams were somewhat compromised in Latvia and Lithuania but can't find exact information. Does anybody have that kind of information?

Anonymous 00:49 16.03.2005 [Ответить] Корень раздела
However unfair it may be, the point is still the same: to get the high score for you, not to look for reasons why you can't. As for memorizing - "Monkey see - monkey do" approach can get you somewhere, but if we got brains - let's use them, that's beat any memory.
Given all the IP laws in the US, I personally doubt that a web site with all current answers exists, especially if ETS was made aware of it. But if there is - can you post the address of this site for public use? :-) - This would at least spread lots of useful information to non-Asians as well. This is not to produce more cheaters, but sort of to create "justice for all", the more resources people have, the better they perform. And this site should indeed be public.

Anna K

Anonymous 22:12 18.03.2005 [Ответить] Корень раздела
Hence it all has been said above, can anyone give a suggestion on HOW TO IMPROVE GRE SCORES SIGNIFICANTLY IN SHORT TIME? Thanks!

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