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Anonymous 23:28 12.08.2003 [Ответить]
Hey everyone-

I have two questions about the registration process, and if anyone could answer, I'd really appreciate it.
Do I send the registration form (with the fee included) to Netherlands? Also, will I get some kind of comfirmation from over there that my money and the form have been received? Thanks.

a random person

Anonymous 10:28 13.08.2003 [Ответить] Корень раздела
Do you mean the registration for a CBT test? If yes, than you have to send the form along with any kind of payment accepted to the Netherlands. If you have a credit card you can either just call them up or send a fax. Otherwise you might want to send your letter and require the notification of delivery from a post office. They won't send you the confirmation that the letter is recieved, but you'll get your registration #, whicj means that you're all set.

Oksana Anistratenko,

Тема Tests / TOEFL / Registering for TOEFL (1192 просмотр(ов))
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