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Dear students! Congratulations on your acceptance to a US university program!

Here at the Moscow EAC we're proud of all of you and happy that we were able to assist you. If you were accepted to a US college or university, please, fill out this form and come to the pre-departure orientation to be held on Saturday, June 17, 2006. The orientation will include information on new visa regulations, useful hints on travel, adjusting to your campus and coping with culture shock. You will learn about cultural differences from both Russian and American perspectives and get important survival tips. Attendance is free, but please sign up in advance by phone: 777-6533 or e-mail:

We'd like to invite all of you to keep in contact with us. Let us know about your impressions of American university life, your academic successes, interesting experiences as a teaching or research assistant, whether you are participating in any special activities. With this information, we can better prepare the students who will apply to universities after you. In addition, we can use your input to justify our work here in the EAC. If we can show how well all of you are doing in the States, the US government will be more willing to keep funding advising efforts in the Eurasia.

While we are advising here in Moscow, you can help us by advising from the States. Share your impressions of your university and department in a letter that we will put in a folder for prospective students. Or send us your coordinates (postal address and e-mail) and offer to act as a contact person for other Eurasian students interested in your university. Your experience in the US makes you a valuable resource for our students.

In return, we hope to welcome you back to Russia by sponsoring social and informative activities for you at the American Center. We want you to be able to stay in touch with each other, and to be able to share your insights with younger students who also dream of studying in the US. We are also willing to advertise in our center job opportunities, and we plan to work out some kind of system to find out about interesting job openings. We understand how difficult the transition back to one's home country can be and are eager to help however we can.

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