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This section was created for admission officers of US universities as well as for all people interested in issues of Russian education. There are four main parts in this section:
Structure of Russian Education
Rating of Russian Institutes
• List of Accredited Non-state Institutions
Useful Links

The first section section contains a scheme of the Russian system of education and a short overview of secondary, professional, and higher education in Russia. Here you will also find examples of Russian transcripts and other educational documents.

The second section has Rating of 604 Russian Institutes of Higher Education by the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation for 2003. (Russian version is available at www.philippov.ru )

The third section of the section includes a list of 119 accredited non-state institutions of higher education located in Moscow. The information was taken from the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation site and translated in English.

From the Useful Links section, you will learn about other Russian and English language web sites available on the Internet and containing information about different aspects of Russian education.

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