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Posted by a random person at 12 Aug, 2003
Hey everyone-

I have two questions about the registration process, and if anyone could answer, I'd really appreciate it.
Do I send the registration form (with the fee included) to Netherlands? Also, will I get some kind of comfirmation from over there that my money and the form have been received? Thanks.

Posted by Oksana Anistratenko at 13 Aug, 2003
Do you mean the registration for a CBT test? If yes, than you have to send the form along with any kind of payment accepted to the Netherlands. If you have a credit card you can either just call them up or send a fax. Otherwise you might want to send your letter and require the notification of delivery from a post office. They won't send you the confirmation that the letter is recieved, but you'll get your registration #, whicj means that you're all set.

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