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Posted by alex at 2 Jan, 2003
I've got a masters degree in finance from a secnd rank university (nOt like Russian economic school). I think that it isn't known in the US at all. Have I got a chance to enter PhD in the US or better to drop the idea?

Posted by marko at 4 Jan, 2003
it depends on the rank of schools you are planning to apply to, GRE score (schould be very-very good), and your reaserch interests.. good luck..i think that you can make it..

Posted by Vladimir at 22 Jan, 2003
Hi, depends a lot ,
PhD in Finance implies you you want to get into a B-School (that's where Fin depts are). To tell the truth, it's a longshot, Finance PhD program is the most competitive among other B-School concentrations, and B-Schools PhD programs are the most competitive among any other schools (many reasons - opportunities, amounts and conditions of fin aid etc). But there's nothing unachievable. But what'll matter is your mathematical background - not your fin, econ , whatever prior knowledge. That's why te degree from say PhysTech or MexMat MGU would definitely help.

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