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Posted by Ivan at 17 Jul, 2003
In case you are interested, here is some statistics:
I waited for my visa May 26th to July 17th, I go to Caltech. By the way, it was no problem to buy a one way ticket from STAR travel agency for $400.
A guy, who goes to Rutgers univ, waited for 4 weeks. June 11 to July 11,
Another student intending on studying at Stanford got his visa in 1 day, though it was in May. Good luck!

Posted by El at 24 Jul, 2003

у Вас специальность какая? И у того товарища, который месяц ждал...
Вам на интервью обещали задержку? Вообще, что-нибудь говорили про сроки возврата паспорта с визой?

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