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Posted by Natalya at 23 Aug, 2002
«дравствуйте, ¤ учусь в ћедицинской јкадемии на 4 курсе, хочу получить медицинское образование в —Ўј.
ак мне лучше поступить получить диплом здесь и в —Ўј попытатьс¤ получить что-то типо аспирантуры или ординатуры,

или существует механизм перевода в медицинские вузах,
или проще будет заново начать учитьс¤ в —Ўј?

Posted by eic at 30 Aug, 2002
”важаема¤ Ќатали¤:
јмериканска¤ система медицинской подготовки отличаетс¤ от аналогичных программ в других странах. ѕо окончании средней школы необходимо пройти четырехлетний курс предварительного обучени¤ в колледже по смежной специальности (т.н. "pre-medical study"). Ћишь после завершени¤ подобной четырехлетней программы обучени¤ обладатели степени бакалавра наук получают право подавать за¤влени¤ в медицинские школы. ѕрограммы медицинских школ расчитаны на 4 года обучени¤. ѕервые 2 года - получение основных знаний в области медицины, последующие 2 года - клиническа¤ подготовка, включающа¤ практику в лечебных учреждени¤х.
»ностранцы, не завершившие первый четырехлетний цикл подготовки в —Ўј и анаде, практически не имеют шансов на зачисление в медицинские школы —Ўј. ѕеревод на старших курсах дл¤ неамериканцев почти невозможен.
— уважением,
јнна —авельева,
Moscow EIC

Posted by YD at 4 Sep, 2002
May be the answer posted was almost correct, however, what is your goal? Do you want to receive a US medical education or you want to eventually practice in the US?
There is a way, and itТs so successfully followed by Indian nationals, who receive their (far less expensive) medical diplomas in India, meanwhile preparing for the Board Exam. Because attending the US medical school will not guarantee you an opportunity to practice in the US, YOU NEED TO TAKE A BOARD EXAM. And if your English is good enough, if your Medical English is good enough either (and remember they use a lot of LATIN in the Medical English Ц so fresh up your LATIN), and if you really drill yourself for the BOARD Ц you can do itЕ..
And as a reality check, it takes a lot of effort for the brightest Americans (you canТt be a dummy and get into a medical school, no way) to prepare for the BOARD.
Another trick, you canТt really take the BOARD oversees, I am not 100 % sure, but it seems like that. After the BOARD you will still have to do residency, and itТs years of your life, but the silver lining is thatТs itТs paid.
I would agree with the posted response in term that you canТt transfer into a medical school, however, if you study at a foreign medical school, they will account for your courses taken ( will consider it a pre-med), and you will have to take the Medical test, sorry donТt remember the name, but similar to GMAT for business schools, LSAT for LAW or GRE for grad school. And if you score high enough you may get to some school. So, I would not be that negatively pessimistic, saying that no way, your chance is gone, For thereТs a will, thereТs a wayЕ Good luck

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