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System of Russian Initial and Intermediate Professional Education.

After completing a senior high school students have three options to continue their education and become a professional (a qualified worker or a specialist in a certain sphere of economy): they may enter schools of initial professional education (vocational schools), they may go to schools of intermediate professional education (secondary specialized schools), and finally, students may choose to enter schools of higher education (universities and colleges).

The length of study at schools of initial and intermediate professional education depends upon the student's level at the time of entry. It varies from 1 to 3 years at vocational schools (VS) and from 3 to 5 at secondary specialized schools (SSS). Upon completion, students will receive their diploma with information indicating the skills acquired after completion of the program.

PTU and Professional Lyceums are functioning in the sphere of initial professional education as long as Tekhnicums and Colleges are working in the sphere of intermediate professional education.

Here is some information concerning the difference between PTUs - Professon Leceums and Tekhnicum and offer professional education at a higher level: the program of study is longer, along with subjects dealing with certain professions, curriculum of Technicums and Colleges includes academic subjects. Admission to the schools of intermediate professional education is primarily based upon competitive entrance exams.

Natalia Rozanova,
NAFSA 55th Annual Conference,
Salt Lake City, UT, May 25-30, 2003.

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