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World Higher Education Database of Recognized Universities, National Information Center on Academic Recognition and Mobility, Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation
• List of accredited state and non-state Russian Institutions of Higher Education

Ministry of Education of Russian Federation, Department of Licensing, Accreditation and Attestation, Center of State Accreditation
• All accredited state and non-state Russian Institutions of Higher Education as of January 2003

Moscow Education Advising Center
• Information on the structure of higher education
• Rating of 604 accredited state & non-state institutions of higher education
• List of 119 accredited non-state institutions of higher education located in Moscow

International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information
• List of Moscow and Moscow Region institutions of higher education
• Searchable database by field of study, rector's name, etc

Google Web Directory
• Web sites of approx. 225 accredited Russian institutions of higher education

1998-2003 JurFak (Law Department) newspaper
• List of top Russian Law Schools/brief introduction to the Russian legal education system

Central & Eastern European Directory on-line in association with OXFORD Brookes University
• Information on academic courses in Central & Eastern Europe

State Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications (SIIT&T "Informika")
• Information on a number of Russian institution of higher education

European Centre for Higher Education, Mutual Recognition of Qualifications: the Russian Federation and the Other European Countries
• Information on copies of credentials of the Russian Federation


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