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• American Academy of Foreign Languages
• American Councils for International Education: ACTR/ACCELS
• The American Information Center in Moscow
• The American Institute of Business and Economics (AIBEc)
• American-Russian Business Institute
• California State University, Hayward and the Institute of Business and Economics
• Central European University - Open Society Institute - Russia
• Council for Educational Travel USA
• The Council for International Studies and Exchange Programs, Inc
• The Council on International Educational Exchange
• Dartmouth College
• Department of Foreign Languages at Moscow State University / University of Colorado at Denver
• EF Education
• Emory University, Goizueta Business School
• Huron University USA in London
• IGS-Temple International MBA
• IMC - Graduate School of Business
• International University, Moscow
• Iowa State University
• Kaplan
• MBA - Consult
• MNEMO Publishing Company (magazine "Study and Training Abroad")
• Monterey Institute of International Studies
• Moscow University Touro
• National University
• New York College in Athens
• Pericles American Business &Legal Education Project (ABLE Project)
• Richmond, The American International University in London
• S.T.A.R.- Student Travel Agency Russia
• Stetson University
• TOEFL / Institute of International Education European Office
• University of Maryland University College - Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany
• University of Wisconsin, Platteville
• Wittenberg University

American Academy of Foreign Languages

Representatives: Alyona Babushkina, Coordinator, Irina Mozheiko,Coordinator.

Contact: Ulitsa Bolshaya Cheremushkinskaya 17A,
113447, Moscow, Russia
Tel: 123 46 33, 127 23 91
Fax: 129 41 11

The American Academy of Foreign Languages (AAFL) is a specialized language school whose focus is on providing language training and preparation courses to adult learners from pre-intermediate to highly advanced levels. These programs include General Conversation Courses, Business-Directed Programs for our Corporate Clients (many of the largest multinationals doing business in Russia), plus GMAT & TOEFL Preparation Programs. Our goal is focused programs that really work for our diverse list of clients. The AAFL utilizes materials and study methodologies from throughout the world of language learning and business training, plus native-speaking trainers and an American-managed support team.

American Councils for International Education: ACTR/ACCELS

Representatives: Bill Gormley, Program Officer, Muskie/FSA Graduate Fellowship Program; John Seckel, Program Officer, FSA Undergraduate Program.

Tel. (095) 237 9116

The American Councils is a not-for-profit educational, training, andconsulting organization specializing in the countries of Eastern Europe,Russia, and Eurasia. American Councils programs include academic exchange,professional training, institution building, research, materials development,technical assistance, and consulting.
Founded in 1974 as the American Council of Teachers of Russian (ACTR),the American Councils has worked to advance research, training, and materialsdevelopment in the fields of Russian and English language; strengthen communicationwithin and between the communities of scholars and educators in language,literature, and area studies in the United States and CIS; and furthereducational reform through education, training, institution building, andtechnical assistance.

The American Information Center in Moscow

Representatives: Irina Chernushkina, Deputy Director, Alla Mavlitova, Reference Librarian.

Contact: Nikoloyamskaya 1, 109189 Moscow
Tel: (095) 777-6530
Fax: (095) 777-6534

The American Information Center in Moscow provides information aboutthe United States. Located in the Russian State Library for Foreign Literaturethe Center offers its visitors books and magazines, art exhibits, culturalevents, lectures, films, and methodology courses for teachers of English.The Center offers access to information on all aspects of American societyand culture via CD-ROM and Internet databases, print periodicals, and books.Russian government officials, academic researchers, NGO activists, businesspeople, educators, and students can use the CenterТs resources to findinformation on topics such as the U.S. government, politics, law, foreignpolicy, media, business, economics, accounting, education, literature,history, and art.

The American Institute of Business andEconomics (AIBEc)

Representatives: Elena Sidorova, Director of Development.

Contact: Moscow 117873, Miklukho-Maklaya 23, First Floor
Moscow State Geological Prospecting Academy
Tel/Fax: 095 438 1439

The American Institute of Business and Economics (AIBEc) is an independent,non-commercial business school in Moscow. It offers a full range of businesscourses taught in English by internationally qualified instructors duringevening hours or on weekends for the convenience of students with full-timejobs.
AIBEc may be right for you whether you want to earn a complete MBAwithout leaving your job in Moscow, to pursue pre-MBAstudies before applying to a business school in the United States or WesternEurope, or simply take a few courses in finance,accounting, marketing, or other fields of interest.
AIBEc's Annual Entrance Exam is scheduled for April 15,2000.

American-Russian Business Institute

Representatives: Igor A. Zhigarev, Director, Oleg A. Orchakov,DeputyDirector, Amastasia S. Novikova, Manager, L.J. McNulty,CEOof American International University.

Contact: Krasnokazarmenny Proezd, 14a, office 413, Moscow
Tel/Fax: 095-362 7598

American Russian Business Institute offers Russian and Foreign studentsInternational Educational Program to get American and Russian Bachelor'sand Master's degrees in Management (BBA and MBA) in accredited universities.The program is designed by International Independent University of Environmentaland Political Sciences (Russia), Western Illinois University and LakelandCollege (USA). Students begin their education in Russia and finish in America.The program unites the best Russian and American educational traditions.It is distinguished by low tuition, lower entrance requirements to thelevel of English and high quality of education. Students have the possibilityto combine on-ground and on-line forms of education.

California State University, Haywardand the Institute of Business and Economics

Representatives: Dr. Gary L. Wishniewsky,Coordinator, MoscowMBA Program, California State University, Hayward; Svetlana Avrutskaya,Project Manager, Institute of Business and Economics/California State University,Hayward.

For information in Moscow:
Institute of Business and Economics, 437-0758
For undergraduate or graduate studies in California:
Center for International Education:
For the American Language Program in California:
Jennet Jones,

California State University, Hayward offers graduate studies in BusinessEconomics, Finance, and Marketing in Moscow and undergraduate, graduate,and English language studies in the San Francisco Bay Area. The MoscowMBA is offered in partnership with the Institute of Business and Economics,and is fully accredited in the United States.
Qualified Russian students study a two-year American MBA curriculumtaught by Russian and American professors. English language proficiencyis required. Convenient evening courses enable middle and senior managersto integrate modern management practices into their daily responsibilities.
The Moscow program was established at the Academy of National Economyin 1993 and was the first accredited American MBA to be offered in theRussian Federation. To date over 300 Russian managers have successfullycompleted the program and another 200 are currently enrolled. The MoscowMBA has been ranked the Number One MBA Program in Russia by Karerra Magazinesince 1998.

Central European University - Open SocietyInstitute - Russia

Representatives: Marina Batalina, CEU Programs, coordinator, NataliaUshakova, CEU Programs, coordinator

Contact: CEU Admissions Office,
Nador u. 9, 1051 Budapest, Hungary
Tel: (36-1) 327-3009, 327-3272, Fax: (36-1) 327-3211,

Open Society Institute-Russia,
13 build.16 B.Tatarskaya str., Moscow 113184, Russia
Tel: (7 095) 921-2065, Fax: (7 095) 288-9512,
E-mail:, Website:

Central European University offers a truly international educationalenvironment to scholars pursuing advanced studies and research on Centraland Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union in the field of Social Sciencesand Humanities.

Council for Educational Travel USA

Representatives: Rick Anaya, CEO, Sergei Gedeonov, Directorof Canadian Operations.

Contact: Public or Private High School Programs in the US:
1403 View Avenue
Centralia, WA 98531
Tel: 1 360 736 6472
Fax: 1 360 736 6525
Community College, Short-term Individuals or Short-term Groups Programsin the US:

7365 Carnelian, Suite 225
Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730
Tel: 1-909-987 5724
Fax: 1-909-987 5764

Council for Educational Travel USA (CETUSA) is a non-profit, educationalfoundation. Through its accredited programs, CETUSA offers a variety ofprograms to international youths and young adults in the United States,as well as in Canada and the UK through its affiliated offices in thosecountries.
Program offerings in the US available through CETUSA include:
• Public High School (J-1 Visa, Secondary School)
• Private High School ( F-1 Visa, Secondary School)
• Community College
• Short-term Individuals (two to six weeks)
• Short-term Groups (two to six weeks)
Please visit our booth to discuss how CETUSA, CET UK or CET Canada canhelp you further your education.

The Council for International Studiesand Exchange Programs, Inc

Representatives: Vadim Kravtchenko, Deputy Director ofAdmissions, Anthonina Piskareva, Consultant.

Temporary Contact in Moscow: Office # 40, MSTTU / Faculty ofGeography, Ulitsa Kibaltchitcha, 16, Moscow, 129278, Russia
Tel.: (095) 283-16-14

The Council for International Studies and Exchange Programs gives internationalstudents the chance to participate in affordable cultural and educationalexchanges, attend high school and university courses in accredited institutions,and take part in work programs and internships.
The Council promotes:
University (undergraduate and graduate) programs and placement serviceworldwide;
Master (MBA, MIM, LLM, etc) programs worldwide;
Sponsored college programs in the USA;
Sponsored high school programs in the USA;
Language courses and tests preparation worldwide;
Cultural exchanges in the USA;
Summer work programs in the USA;
Internship program in the USA.
The Council is a great choice for Russian students who are looking forreasonable tuition costs and fees.
The Council is constantly searching for direct contacts among Russianschools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions to givestudents the best opportunity possible to experience exchanges and internationaleducation.

The Council on International EducationalExchange

Representative: Laura Thompson, Client Relations Manager.

Contact: 6 Hamilton Place, 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02108

The Council on International Educational Exchange was formed in 1947and is a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to helpingpeople gain understanding, acquire knowledge and develop skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world. Councilis a worldwide leader in international education and exchange, workingwith more than a thousand educational institutions and over a million studentseach year. Council participants enjoy the personal attention and qualityservice provided by over 500 Local Coordinators situated all over the USand 800 professional support staff working in 30 different countries. Duringan academic year or semester with the USA High School Program 15-18 yearold students from around the world become "adopted" family members in carefullyscreened homes around the US. Students attend public high schools, whilelearning what it's like to live in the US as a non-tourist. At the sametime these "young ambassadors" can share cultures, languages, interestsand hobbies with new friends and their Host Family.
For further information please contact our Moscow partners "Open World"at Tel/Fax: 7 (095) 290 1951, Email: or our website:

Dartmouth College

Representative: Leonid Vindman, Alumnus.

Contact: Office of Undergraduate Admissions
6016 McNutt Hall
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755-3541
Tel. (1-603) 646-2875
Fax (1-603) 646-1216

Founded in 1769, Dartmouth is the ninth oldest university in the UnitedStates and a member of the Ivy League. Located in the small, picturesqueNew England town of Hanover in New Hampshire, it is only a few hours awayfrom New York and Boston. The student body of 4,250 undergraduates representevery state of the U.S. and over 62 nations around the world. DartmouthТsresources are comparable with those of the worldТs finest large universities.Its special focus on undergraduate education offers 1,350 courses in 28departments and 45 standard majors taught by 339 top-notch faculty whoare among the leaders in their fields. In addition, Dartmouth includesgraduate programs in thirteen disciplines, as well as graduate schoolsin medicine, business administration, and engineering. Dartmouth studentsare academically-oriented individuals of outstanding abilities who combinea breadth of cultures, traditions, and ideas creating a campus that isalive with ongoing debate and exploration.

Department of Foreign Languages at MoscowState University / University of Colorado at Denver

Representatives: Kirill Bukin, Deputy Dean; Irina Kukurian,Deputy Dean.

Contact: Department of Foreign Languages at MSU
Lomonosovsky Prospect, 31/1
Moscow 117192 Russia
Tel: 7 (095) 932-9916
Fax: 7 (095) 932-8867

The Department of Foreign Languages at Moscow State University (FFL)runs an authentic American Baccalaureate program under the auspices ofan agreement between Moscow State University (MSU) and the University ofColorado at Denver (UCD). In 1994 the program was accredited by the NorthCentral Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Institutionsof Higher Education.
The FFL offers majors in Economics, Communications, and InternationalAffairs. English is the language of instruction. Students may take eitheran American program leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree from UCD or ajoint Russian-American program leading to two BA degrees simultaneouslyЧonefrom MSU and the other from UCD.
Students who complete three semesters in Moscow may continue their studiesat UCD on favorable financial conditions.

EF Education

Representatives: Olga Schipkova, Manager, Sergey Ibragimov, Manager

Contact: EF Education
1st Brestskaya Ulitsa, 15, 5th floor,
125047, Moscow, Russia
Tel: (095) 937 3888
Fax: (095) 937 3877

EF University placement service Ц aims to help international studentsenroll at an American college or university, special partnerships witha wide range of American colleges and universities.
EF International Language schools Ц Language courses abroad for adultsover 16, internships, preparation courses for TOEFL, Cambridge Certificate,DELF/DALF etc.
EF Academic Year Abroad Ц 9-month program of language and academic studiesfor young adults aged 16 - 30, internships. EF Club English Ц IntensiveEnglish Language courses for active vacationers, business people and adultsover 26.EFCorporate Ц tailor-made courses for business executives and professionals.
EF Language Travel Ц Group language course abroad for students aged10 Ц 19.
EF Private School Placement Ц enrolment to a wide range of private schoolsin UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

Emory University, Goizueta Business School

Representatives: William Dunworth, Alexander Gachechiladze, KahaKiknavelidze, Dmitri Shvets, alumni.


Emory University, one of the top-ranked universities in the United States,was founded in 1836. There are about 12,500 students, of whom 4500 studyat the undergraduate (university) level and the rest are enrolled in avariety of graduate programs including business, law, medicine, publichealth, and theology. In 1994 the Business School was named after RobertoC. Goizueta, long-time Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company, whichhas its headquarters in Atlanta. Students interested in university-levelbusiness studies must first apply to Emory College, after which they applyto the Business School. The BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) programincludes 6-8% international students and the degree usually takes an additionaltwo years to complete. Students may apply directly to the Business Schoolif they complete two years of university-level work before entering theGoizueta BBA program. The MBA program enrolls a class of 180 students.The average full-time work experience for accepted candidates is 5 years;candidates with less than 2-3 years of full-time, post-university workexperience are unlikely to be competitive for admission. The student bodyin the MBA program is about one-third international, including studentsfrom 30-40 countries.
For more information on the Goizueta Business School of Emory University, please visit the web site (

Huron University USA in London

Representatives: Marco Gorin, Director of Admissions, ArvindVepa, Assistant Director of Admissions.

Contact: Office of Admissions
Huron University USA in London
58 Princes Gate
Tel. UK+207+5849696
Fax UK+207+5899406
Web site:

Huron University USA in London is an independent institution offerringan American-style liberal arts education. Through its close strategic alliancewith Marlboro College, Vermont, USA, Huron-London degrees are accreditedby the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). Huron UniversityUSA in London is also accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC)and by the European Council for Business Education (ECBE). Based in anelegant former embassy building in the city center, it attracts studentsfrom over sixty nationalities into its Bachelor, MBA, MA, Diploma and Certificateprograms. Internship opportunities and close personal attention to theacademic, personal, and professional development of the students are anintegral part of all programs.
Meet our Admissions personnel for further information at the MoscowUS Education Fair.

IGS-Temple International MBA

Representatives: Jarlath Dillon, Dean of International Affairs, IsabelleAurerin, IMBA Program Manager

Contact : Jarlath Dillon
Dean of International Affairs, IGS
IGS-Temple International MBA
12, rue Alexandre Parodi
F-75010 Paris France
Tel. +33 1 40 03 15 04
Fax +33 1 40 03 15 05

The IGS-Temple International MBA program is one of the most innovativeof the leading MBA programs, allowing for a truly international and multicultural global management and entrepreneurial education. Students canobtain this AACSB accredited degree in 11 months only and can also do anoptional double degree program that allows them to earn both an MBA anda Master of Sciences in Marketing or Finance in an extra semester of study.

IMC - Graduate School of Business

Representatives: Tibor Toka, Faculty Coordinator; AnastassiaGnezditskaia, Student.

Contact : Nudor u. 11, Budapest 1051, Hungary
Phone: (36-1) 235-6117

The IMC Graduate School of Business is a private non-profit educationalinstitution and was the first graduate business school in Central and EasternEurope offering a program towards a Western MBA degree when it was foundedin 1988. Located in downtown Budapest, it has a student body of 150 andalumni of more than 500, representing 28 countries.
IMC offers an AACSB-accredited joint International MBA degree with theWeatherhead School of Management (Weatherhead) at Case Western ReserveUniversity in Cleveland, Ohio. The program may be taken on a full-timeday or part-time evening basis. Students are given the option of completingtheir studies in Hungary, spending a semester at Case Western, or as anexchange student with one of our partner MBA schools around the world.The full-time day program may be completed in a minimum of 17 months whilethe part-time program is an average of 3 years while taking classes onlyin the evenings.
Our faculty consists of the core IMC faculty members with visiting professorscoming from Weatherhead and other MBA programs throughout the world. Admissionrequirements are competitive and financial aid is available in the formof scholarships, grants, and a loan program sponsored by ABN Amro Bankand EBRD. Students may receive a specialization in a wide variety of subjectswhich allows each student to tailor their studies towards their particularneeds and interests.

International University, Moscow

Representative: Nadezhda Ivanovna Akimova, Instructor.

Contact: Leningradsky Prospect 17, room 213
Phone: (095) 251-3805

International University was founded in 1991. The President is G.H.Popov, the Rector is G.A.Yagodin. The University faculty are experiencedteachers with appropriate academic MA and PhD degrees. The academic programis specifically designed for students who wish to prepare themselves forstudy at International University; however it also welcomes students whowish to prepare for the TOEFL and GMAT. The TOEFL preparation course (100hours) provides intensive practice in listening, reading, writing and grammarskills. Students attend classes for 12 hours a week. The GMAT preparationcourse (100 hours) provides analytical reading, writing, problem solving,data sufficiency, sentence correction, and critical reasoning.

Iowa State University

Representative: Victor Udin, International Programs Coordinator,Gladun Alexandr, Student

Contact: Pat Parker, Admission Office, 100 Alumni Hall, ISU,Ames, Iowa, 50010, USA
College of Education: Victor Udin, E105, Lagomarcino, ISU, Ames, Iowa,50010, USA.

Iowa State University is located in Ames, the State of Iowa. ISU isan institution dedicated to state, national, and global economic developmentand uniquely integrates research and teaching into its programs. Teachingis based on up-to-date research. Being an institution of science with practice,the entire university is focused on the development of the student educationprograms. Undergraduate enrollment is 25,000 and the post-graduate numberis about 1,800. In addition, at least 2,500 international students from120 countries are enrolled at ISU. International programs, especially ineducation, agriculture, engineering, and economics have contributed toIowa State University's success in Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, andAsia.


Representative: Matt Symonds, Director, Maria Spada.

Contact: Paris Center
15 rue de Pondichery
75015 Paris, France
Tel. (33) 01 45 66 55 33
Fax (33) 01 45 66 99 80

Kaplan is the world leader in preparing students for MBA exams (GMAT,TOEFL) as well as professional licensing exams (USMLE, etc). They havehelped more than 3 million students to score higher on US tests. Kaplan'sGMAT and TOEFL books and CD-ROM material are the finest on the market,and provide full- length computer-based tests with score analysis, hundredsof practice questions, and effective test-taking strategies. They are alsoresponsible for the World MBA Tour which organizes MBA Fairs in Moscowand other locations. The 1999 Moscow Fair attracted over 40 schools, includingWharton, Columbia, Chicago, Michigan, IMD.

MBA - Consult

Representatives: Vyatcheslav Davidenko, General Director; AnnaZemtseva, Personnel Manager.

Contact: Moscow, Tverskaya ul., 24
Phone: 7(095) 234-99-88, 299-03-52

The MBA-Consult Company offers a wide range of services to help enterbusiness schools in the best world universities. The preparatory coursescover the basic areas of GMAT and TOEFL. They provide their students withall of the necessary materials. Highly qualified teachers from Moscow StateUniversity work in all of their student groups. MBA Consult's program alsooffers a Pre-MBA lecture course where students learn a lot of useful informationconcerning such aspects as how to choose the right school, how to preparethe application package, how to get financial aid, etc.

MNEMO Publishing Company (magazine "Studyand Training Abroad")

Representatives: Natalia Kurilova, Manager, Aleksandr Feodorov, Manager.

Contact: 36, Kutuzovsky prospect, Moscow, 121170

Obuchenie za rubezhom (Study and Training Abroad) magazine is the firstand only full-color monthly covering all aspects of education, language,travel, and study abroad. The magazineТs mission is to form within theRussian-speaking community a conscious desire to acquire additional knowledgeand skills abroad and to assist foreign educational providers in establishingeffective contacts with their potential clients and partners in Russia,other CIS nations, and Baltic states.
They provide readers with reliable information about the opportunitiesfor getting a better education abroad as well as in Russia. The magazineis aimed at those who are not indifferent to their future and who havea clear drive for professional success. Both students and agencies readthe magazine.
Learning languages is the first and probably most important subjectcovered in the magazine. They also write about schools, colleges, universities,vocational courses, training programs, postgraduate courses, distance learning,etc. They assist people in choosing what they actually need.
The magazine also provides a great deal of information on active holidays,different hobbies, how to learn and where to learn to play tennis, riding,skiing, etc.
The experience of studying and living abroad is useful not only foroneТs career. It helps to widen oneТs range of interests, to change oneТsperception of life, to understand one's place in the world and peoplesof different cultures and find a common language between them.
Obuchenie za rubezhom is looking forward to establishing mutually beneficialcooperation with those interested in the promotion of foreign educationin the Russian-speaking market.

Monterey Institute of International Studies

Representative: Dr. Edward J. Salazar, Trustee, Monterey Institute.

Contact: Admissions Office,
425 Van Buren Street,
Monterey, CA 93940 USA
Phone: (831) 647-4123
Fax (831) 647-6405

The Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS) is a small, fully-accreditedprofessional school located on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula in Monterey,California. MIIS offers international, practical, language-based trainingin business (MBA), public administration (MPA), policy studies (MAIPS),environmental policy (MAIEP), commercial diplomacy (MACD), language teaching(MATESOL and MATFL), and translation and interpretation (MAT&I). Mostof the 800 students have traveled, worked or studied abroad. Nearly halfof MIIS students are international representing 50 different countries.Monterey offers Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean,Russian, and Spanish.

Moscow University Touro

Representatives: James Roberts, Iya Perminova.

Contact: 20/12 Podsosenski Pereulok
Moscow 103062 Russia
(Metro Kurskaya)
Tel: +7 (095) 917-4169
Fax: +7 (095) 917-5348

Moscow University Touro is a non-profit, independent institution ofhigher education with programs fully accredited in the United States andlicensed and accredited by the State Committee of Higher Education of
Russia. Founded in 1991, MUT is the oldest American institution ofhigher education operating in Russia.
MUT offers a U.S. accredited BSc in Business and Management, U.S. accreditedMBA programs in International Banking and Finance and in Management andMarketing, an English as a Second Language program and preparatory coursesin GAAP, TOEFL and GMAT. Courses are offered in the day and evening atour campus in central Moscow. The language of instruction is English.

National University

Representative: P. Jeffrey Prinster, Regional Dean, Ganna Prinster,Russian Representative.

Contact: 11255 North Torrey Pines Rd.,
La Jolla, California, 92037, USA
Tel. 1+619+563-7214

In Moscow:
American Language School ESL
Tel. (095) 373-6022

Founded in 1971 in San Diego, National University is the third-largestprivate, accredited, non-profit institution of higher education in California,USA. Dr. Jerry C. Lee has been the president of National University since1989 and has led the university's development of international world-classprograms.
National University offers:
• 41 graduate and undergraduate degree programs both on-line and in the classroom;
• Year-round registration Ц starting any month of the year;
• Global MBA (Master of Business Administration Degree) in Moscow and inthe USA;
• ESL (English as a second language) programs through its affiliate at theAmerican Language Institute;
• Master of Science in Electronic Commerce, Nursing, Psychology, and Education.
National University is pleased to help you with your life-long learningneeds.

New York College in Athens

Representative: Victoria Ivashina-Constantinou,Assistant tothe President.

Contact: Admissions Office/Athens
New York College
38, Amalias Av.
10558 Athens, Greece
Tel: (301) 32 25 961-2
(301) 32 33 337

Admissions Office/Prague
72, Legerova Str. 2000 Praga 2
Tel: 420 2 24221261
Fax: 420 2 24221247

New York College in Athens and the University of New York / Prague incooperation with the State University of New York / New Paltz - ESC offerthe opportunity to students to obtain an internationally recognized Americandegree by studying four years in Athens or in Chech Republic. Studentscan also begin their studies in Athens or in Prague and transfer in theUnited States - at New Paltz.
New York College in Athens has established collaborations with prestigiousUniversities of the USA and UK and offer the opportunity to business executivesto obtain the Master Degree of those Universities.

Pericles American Business & LegalEducation Project (ABLE Project)

Representatives: Daniel Repko, Marketing Manager, Marina Kalinina,Admissions Director.

Contact: Moscow: Tverskaya Ulitsa 10, Suite 319, (095) 292-5188,292-6463
St. Petersburg: Nevsky Prospect 25, (812) 346-7771

Pericles ABLE Project is a non-commercial training center helping Russianstudents and professionals to enter international MBA & LL.M programsand gain international legal skills in Russia. ABLE offers:
• GMAT, GRE, AIBEc and TOEFL preparation courses, taught by qualified Americanprofessors;
• MBA & LL.M Advising, and a Pre-MBA program (with AIBEc);
• Legal English, Legal Writing, Negotiations, Contract Drafting and otherlegal skills courses;
• Summer Law Courses in Moscow & abroad (with University of San Diego);
• Intermediate and advanced business English training; and (comingsoon) an LL.M program in Moscow.

Richmond, The American InternationalUniversity in London

Representative: Nancy Barrett, Director of Graduate Admissions.

Contact: Office of Graduate Admissions
16 Young Street, London W8 5 EH, UK

Richmond, The American International University in London, is a liberalarts and professional studies university with campuses in southwest Londonand the Kensington, central London. All programs offer a truly internationalfocus, experienced faculty, a multinational student body and an innovativemixture of American and European approaches to instruction. The Universityawards degrees of Master of Business Administration, Master of Arts, Bachelorof Science and Bachelor of Arts. Richmond is accredited in the USA andalso has institutional accreditation by the Open University ValidationServices in the UK.

S.T.A.R.- Student Travel Agency Russia

Representatives: Alla Fionicheva, Sales Manager, Alexei Golovlev,Travel Consultant.

Contact: Moscow, Baltyiskaya street, 9, 3rd floor
Tel. (095) 797-9556
Fax: (095) 797-9554

S.T.A.R.- Student Travel Agency Russia is the representative of STATravel and CIEE/Council Travel and the only travel agent in Moscow dedicatedto the vast and largely untouched youth market. Anyone under 26 years oldhas access to the STA Travel & CIEE/Council Travel youth airfares whichare totally independent of IATA rates, the prices being based upon specialcontracts which have been drawn up over the past few months and which offerunrivaled flexibility.
ISIC and FIYTO - УGO 25Ф Cards are available from S.T.A.R. as well asbooking at Youth Hostels world-wide through IBN of the International YouthHostel Federation. They can also offer their clients the special ISIS travelinsurance for students and youth under 27 years old.
New from STAR Travel-their work program for Russian students abroad.They offer a work program in England for students in tourism or the hotelbusiness. This program has been specially designed for young people wishingto improve their English language ability and gain some practical workexperience in hotels, restaurants, and bars in the south of England. Thiscourse is more suited to students with an intermediate level of English.
They offer summer jobs in San Francisco, California, USA. Work at paidseasonal jobs in restaurants, hotels, theatres, resorts, amusement parks,etc. This program is designed to provide university students with an opportunityto work and travel in the United States during their summer vacation. Alsothey offer the program "Au Pair" in Germany and in France. Today thousandsof young women and men from around the world travel to another countryto be an au pair. In their host company they live with a family, they aretreated as a family member, and they look after the children and help aroundthe house. In return, the au pairs receive free room and board as wellas weekly pocket money.

Stetson University

Representative: Ludmila Dyachenko, representative in Moscow.

Contact: Office of Admissions
Stetson University
421-N Woodland Blvd Unit 8412
DeLand, FL 32720-3757
Phone: (904) 822-8165
Fax: (904) 822-8167
Tel. in Moscow (095) 382-1412

Founded in 1883, Stetson is Florida's first and most distinguished privateuniversity. It is located thirty minutes from the beaches of the AtlanticOcean, a few minutes from nature preserves and fresh-water springs, andan hour from Orlando International Airport, which has non-stop serviceto many European capitals.
Stetson is one of the few small universities in the United States toenjoy the highest recognition for both its liberal arts degree and itsbusiness program. It offers majors in more than 40 fields spread amongthe humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, music, and business.

TOEFL / Institute of International Education European Office

Representative: Therese Buchmeier, Deputy Director.

Contact: Institute of International Education European Office
Vigyazo Ferenc u. 4, II/1
1051 Budapest, Hungary
Phone/fax: (36-1) 353-1663, 353-3369

The Institute of International Education (IIE), is the oldest and largestU.S. private, non-profit educational and cultural exchange agency, withheadquarters in New York and 19 offices around the world. Since 1990, theBudapest office has facilitated academic exchanges and technical assistance programs within Central and Eastern Europe. It has recently expandedits area to include Western Europe, Russia, and the Newly Independent States.IIE works with universities, foundations, corporations, and governmentson exchange and technical assistance programs, and distributes informationon international education and training opportunities. IIE also representsthe TOEFL exam, facilitating communication between test users and creators.The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is taken by nearly amillion students a year. The computer-based TOEFL exam was introduced inJuly 1998, with improved assessment and evaluation techniques of Englishlanguage proficiency.

University of Maryland University College- Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany

Representative: Rick Doyle, Assistant Director of Admissions.

Contact: University of Maryland University College - SchwaebischGmuend
73525 Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany
Phone: +49-7171-180-70
Fax: +49-7171-180-7320;

Located in scenic southern Germany (50 km east of Stuttgart), the four-yearresidential campus offers twelve majors leading to the American undergraduateBA or BS degree. English is the primary language of instruction. Specialstudies tours are regularly offered throughout Europe. Students live oncampus in furnished, spacious single and double occupancy rooms that includecomputer ports providing access to the university computer system and Internet.Graduates have been very successful in obtaining employment, many withmulti-national companies, and gaining admission to graduate schools oftheir choice.

University of Wisconsin, Platteville

Representatives: Thomas A. Waters, Chair, Department of SocialSciences, Robert DeJong, Alumnus.

Undergraduate information:
University of Wisconsin - Platteville
Office of Admission and Enrollment Management, 112 Brigham Hall
1 University Plaza, Platteville, WI 53818
Phone: (608) 342-1125

Graduate information:
School of Graduate Studies, 112 Brigham Hall
1 University Plaza, Platteville, WI 53818; Phone: (608) 342-1321

The University of Wisconsin - Platteville is committed to enabling eachstudent to become broader in perspective, intellectually more astute, andethically more sensitive. The university supports efforts to internationalizethe curriculum and strives for gender, racial, and ethnic diversity. Asa residential campus, the University of Wisconsin - Platteville valuesfaculty involvement with students outside the classroom and individualattention to students. The university supports initiatives to serve studentsthrough the use of technology in the classroom and alternative deliverymethods including Web-based courses in fields in which online programsexist.

Wittenberg University

Representative: George E. Hudson, Professor, Department of PoliticalScience.

Contact: Wittenberg University, Springfield, OH, 45501,(937) 327-6314.

Wittenberg University is located in Springfield, Ohio, an urban areawith close proximity to Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati. It enrolls undergraduatestudents only and offers Bachelors of Science and Bachelors of Arts degreeprograms in 27 academic areas, including American Studies, Biochemistryand Molecular Biology, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics,English, Geography, History, Management (Business), Mathematics, Music,Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Theater & Dance, and twelveother areas. It also offers minors in Environmental Studies, Urban Studies,and Women's Studies, among others. Thus, Wittenberg offers a full academicprogram for students of many interests.
Wittenberg's approximately 2,100 men and women represent more than 40states and nearly 40 foreign countries, including Russia.
For more information about Wittenberg, please contactadmission@wittenberg.eduor 937-327-6314.

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