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Regular activities at the Moscow EAC include a general lecture about the US system of education and the application process and individual consultations. We also host special lecture/seminar series on how to write a personal statement, a resume and cover letter, visas, how to fill out application forms, testing, and finacial aid. See our shedule for details.

Special Events
Every year the center hosts an educational fair. In October 2004, the Eleventh Annual Fair attracted over 1300 students, scholars, and professors from local academic institutions. Over 32 US universities and educational associations exhibited at the fair. Activities at the fair included lectures and panel discussions on US education and a lottery drawing.

The center conducts outreach activities to disseminate information about the center and study opportunities in the United States throughout Moscow and other regions of Russia. In the past several years educational advisers have travelled to distant regions of Russia in addition to visiting Moscow universities, institutes, and schools. !!! If your organization is interested in inviting the Moscow EAC representatives to give a lecture on US education, please contact at 777-6533 to arrange the event.

Pre-departure Orientation
For students who have been accepted to American schools, we hold pre-departure orientations in early summer. This orientation offers students information on student visas, travel, health insurance, banking, and academic and cultural adjustment issues.

Currently the center hosts seminars on how to write a resume and cover letter for alumni of US universities and US government sponsored programs. We encourage alumni to share their experiences and offer advice at events we sponsor for potential students of US universities.

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