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Tenth Annual US Education Fair Photos

Rachel Waldstein, US Department of State, and Jynks Burton, EIC Director, welcome visitors to the 10th Annual US Education Fair.

The representatives of Pericles American Business and Legal Education Center advise visitors on LLM programs in Russia and different test preparation courses.

Paul Greene, Director of International Admission, Boston University, explains admissions requirements for international students.

Allison Hawley, Alumna of Bryn Mawr College, shares her experience of attending elite school for women.

EIC staff advise visitors on fair logistics and general issues.

ELS Language Centers representatives speak on the range of programs they run.

Thomas Shea, Director of International and Graduate Admission, Fairleigh Dickinson University, spreads the word on undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs.

California State University, Hayward representatives consult on educational options both in Russia and the USA.

The IIE representatives provide information on financial aid available through the foundation.

Jynks Burton, Director of Academic Programs, IREX, gives out consultations on how to fill out IREX application forms.

Vladimir Blinov, UCLA Business School Alumnus, gathered lots of people interested in business education in the US.

North Park University representatives talk to Russian students about their school and some unique programs offered.

Suzanne Panferov, Director of the Center for English as a Second Language, University of Arizona, tells Russian students about their language programs.

BKC MBA Center representatives speak about the variety of services they offer.

Most of the Fair attendees flocked around the EIC staff for the raffle.

Alla Paroiatnikova, Study Abroad Coordinator, Southern Utah University, speaks of advantages of studying in a small liberal arts college.

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