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Eleventh Annual US Education Fair Photos

Sara Michael, Public Diplomacy Officer for Academic Exchanges, PAS, and Carol Sorrenti, EPD Director, IREX, open up the Fair with welcoming remarks

Hundreds of students are waiting for the official opening of the Fair

Aya Autzhanova, EAC Volunteer, greets on-line registrants

Fair visitors gather in the lobby to review the schedule of events

EAC volunteers meet students at the registration desk

Irina Pianova, EAC Advising Assistant, informs about EAC activities

Testing issues draw attention of a lot of people

Carol Sorrenti lectures on the structure of US education

Allison Hawley, REAC for Eurasia, speaks about financial aid issues

Marianne Hodge, Assistant Director, Office of International Admission, tells students about her university

Olga Dadash, Consultant, University of Arizona, Center for English as a Second Language, speaks about their programs

Gregory Barattini, International Admissions Consultant, Santa Monica College, presents opportunities, offered by a community college

California State University, Hayward representatives inform visitors about their local programs in Moscow

Leonid Vindman, Dartmouth College Alumnus, speaks about what does it take to study in the Ivy League school

Olga Shabashova, Assistant Program Officer, Fulbright, consults on program application forms

Maria Kalitina, Monterey Institute for International Studies Alunma, shares information on school's programs

Ekaterina D'yakonova, Randolph-Macon Womans College Alumna, talks about learning experience at a women's college

Startravel staff gives out information about work-and-travel programs for students

Moscow EAC staff gives out presents from the US schools during the raffle

Sara Michael and Ann Domorad, Swarthmore College Alumnae, share their opinion on the college with the Fair visitors

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