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RankName of University
1Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance
2-3State University of Management (Moscow)
Academy of National Economy under the Government of Russian Federation (Moscow)
4-6State University - Higher School of Economics
Russian Academy of Economics (Moscow)
Saint-Petersburg State University for Engineering and Economics
7All-Russian Correspondence Institute of Finance and Economics
8Baikal State University of Law and Economics
9Baikal State University of Law and Economics
10-11Belgorod University of Consumer's Co-operation
Russian State University of Trade and Economics
12-13Rostov State University of Economics
Saratov State Socio-Economic University
14Ural State University of Economics (Yekaterinburg)
15-17Kazan State Institute of Finance and Economics
Samara State Academy of Economics
Sibirian University of Consumer's Co-operation (Novosibirsk)
18Moscow Municipal Institute of Management under the Government of Moscow
19-22All-Russian Academy of Foreign Trade (Moscow)
Far-Eastern State Academy of Economics and Management (Vladivostok)
Moscow State Institute of Business Administration
Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law
23Orel Commercial Institute
24-25Orenburg State Institute of Management
Tatar-American Regional Institute (Kazan)
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