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RankName of University
1Institute of International Law and Economics named after A.S. Griboedov (Moscow)
2Institute of Practical Oriental Studies (Moscow)
3Institute of Management (Arkhangelsk)
4Moscow Institute of Economics, Politics and Law
5Saint-Petersburg International Institute of Management
6Institute of World Economy (Moscow)
7Ural Institute of Finance and Law (Ekaterinburg)
8-9Novosibirsk Institute of Economics and Management
International Bank Institute (Saint-Petersburg)
10-14Institute of Jurisprudence and Management (Saint-Petersburg)
Institute of Economics and Finance (Saint-Petersburg)
Kamsk Institute of Humanitarian and Engineering Technology (Izhevsk)
Moscow Humanitarian Institute named after Dashkova
French-Russian Institute of Business of Administration (Obninsk)
15-20Baltiisk International Institute of Tourism (Saint-Petersburg)
Institute of Modern Technology and Economics (Krasnodar)
First Moscow Law Institute
Siberian Institute of Business, Management and Psychology (Krasnoyarsk)
Siberian Institute of Law, economics and Management (Irkutsk)
Ural Humanitarian Institute (Ekaterinburg)
21-25Belgorod Institute of Enterprise and Culture
Moscow International High School of Business (MIRBIS) Institute
Rostov Institute of Business Protection (Defend)
Siberian Independent Institute (Novosibirsk)
Sochi Institute of Fashion, Business and Law
26-28Samara Institute of Management
Sergeev-Posad Humanitarian Institute
Stavropol Institute of Management
29-34Institute of Foreign Languages (Saint-Petersburg)
Academy of Management and Business (Institute-Ekaterinburg)
East-Siberian Institute of Economics and Law
Institute of Program System "Institute of City of Pereslavl)
Institute of Psychology and Pedagogy (Moscow)
Tver Institute of Economics and Management
35-43Altai Institute of Economics and Law (Barnaul)
Vladokavkaz Institute of Management
Institute "VerkhneVolzhskiya" (Tver)
Institute of Management Naberezhnyue Chelny
Lipetsk Ecological and Humanitarian Institute
Murmansk Institute of Economics and Law
Nevinno-Myssk Institute of Economics and Law
Rayzan Institute of Management and Law
Ural Institute of Stock Market Ekaterinburg
44-47Institute of Business and Law (Saint-Petersburg)
Institute of International Relations (Ekaterinburg)
Institute of Management, Business and Law (Pyatigorsk)
Ural Institute of Commence and Law (Ekaterinburg)
48-52Institute of World Economy and Informatization (Moscow)
Rostov Institute of Foreign Languages (Rostov-on-Don)
Smolensk Institute of Business and Enterprise
Saint-Petersburg Law Institute named after Prince Piotr Oldenburgsky
Stavropol Finance and Economiscs Institute
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