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American Immigration, 1998 (In Russian)CDEP0036
American Ways: A Guide for Foreigners in the United States, 1988CDEP0004
Art of Coming Home, The, 2001CDEP0041
Art of Crossing Cultures, The, 2-nd ed., 2001 (2)CDEP0042
Basic F-1. Procedures for Beginners, 1998CDEP0037
Bright College Years: Inside the American Campus Today, 1997CDEP0049
Central Missouri State University International Student and Scholar Handbook, 1993CDEP0006
Culturally Speaking. Conversation and Culture Text, A, 2-nd ed., 1994 + 1 tapeCDEP0031
How to Become a U.S. Citizen, 2000CDEP0038
If You Want to Study in the United States - Predeparture Orientation, 1987CDEP0001
International Student Guide to the United States of America, 2000-2001CDEP0044
International Student Guide to the United States of America, 2002-2003CDEP0048
Latitudes and Attitudes. Atlas of American Tastes Trends, Politics, and Passions from Abilene, Texas, to Zanesville, Ohio, An, 1994CDEP0043
Living in the USA, 5th ed., 1996CDEP0034
Mississippi State University International Student Handbook, 1996CDEP0030
NAFSA Crisis Management in a Cross-Cultural Setting, 2001CDEP0047
NAFSA Grac Tax Pack, 1994CDEP0007
NAFSA's International Student Handbook, Essential Guide to University Study in the USA, The, 1998CDEP0035
Pre-Departure Orientation Handbook: For Foreign Students and Scholars Planning to Study in the United States, 1984CDEP0002
Pre-Departure Orientation Handbook: For Foreign Students and Scholars Planning to Study in the United States, 1988CDEP0003
Princeton Review International Students' Guide to the USA, 1996CDEP0028
Professionals for Cooperation, Issue 1, 1997 (Russian)CDEP0032
Professionals for Cooperation, Issue 2, 1998 (Russian)CDEP0045
Professionals for Cooperation, Issue 5, 2002 (Russian)CDEP0046
Strategies for Succeeding in U.S. University; A Handbook for Incoming Foreign Students, 1988CDEP0029
Syracuse University Handbook for International Students, 15 th ed., 1993CDEP0005
Teaching American Students, 2000 (2)CDEP0040
Tour Book: Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, 1994CDEP0015
Tour Book: Arizona, New Mexico, 1995CDEP0008
Tour Book: Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, 1995CDEP0016
Tour Book: California, Nevada, 1995CDEP0026
Tour Book: Colorado, Utah, 1995CDEP0025
Tour Book: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, 1995CDEP0012
Tour Book: Florida, 1994CDEP0009
Tour Book: Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, 1994CDEP0017
Tour Book: Hawaii, 1993CDEP0020
Tour Book: Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, 1995CDEP0011
Tour Book: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, 1995CDEP0010
Tour Book: Kentucky, Tennessee, 1994CDEP0027
Tour Book: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, 1995CDEP0013
Tour Book: Michigan, Wisconsin, 1995CDEP0023
Tour Book: Mid Atlantic (Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia), 1995CDEP0024
Tour Book: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, 1995CDEP0022
Tour Book: North/Central Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, 1995CDEP0021
Tour Book: Oregon and Washington, 1995CDEP0018
Tour Book: Texas, 1995CDEP0014
Tour Book: Western Canada and Alaska,1995CDEP0019
USA Customs and Institutions, The, 3-rd ed., 1997CDEP0033
ZONI Language Center, International Student Handbook, 2000CDEP0039
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