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04.11.2002, Monday
• San Francisco State University, 'A Passion to Teach, a Passion to Learn'
• Santa Monica College, 'International Student Recruitment Program.'
• You Too Can Study in the United States

11.11.2002, Monday
• Graduate Study in the United States, 'The Application. Financing. Orientation.'
• Savannah College of Art and Design, 'Do You Have Vision?'
• Schiller International University, Heidelberg Campus, Germany, 'Information Video'

13.11.2002, Wednesday
• Smith College. Office of Admissions., 'Twenty Four Hours at Smith College.'
• South Seattle Community College, 'International Student Programs'

18.11.2002, Monday
• Seattle Central Community College, 'International Education Programs'
• Simmons College, Boston, 'Educating Women for Tomorrow's Professions'
• Study in the United States., 'Exploring New Worlds." Evaluation & Selection. Application. Orientation.'

20.11.2002, Wednesday
• Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, College of Business Admin, 'Undergraduate'
• Southwest Missouri State University, 'Directions" an Introduction to the University'

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