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Advising: these books are designed to offer advice to Educational Advisers of foreign study. They are not particularly helpful for the students themselves, but are helpful for the internal use.

Alternative Education: these books deal with alternative forms of education, including Technical, Junior, and Community Colleges, with a focus on English language programs. These books are relevant for both graduate and undergraduate students.

Application Process: these books explain the application process of universities in the United States at both the graduate and undergraduate level. The books are about application essays, resumes, statement of purposes, and proposal writing in general.

Pre-Departure Information: these books are to be read by students preparing to leave their countries to study in the United States. They give information about visas, problems they may encounter, and the culture shock they will inevitably experience.

Employment: these books are for students who have finished their educations and are planning to enter the work force. They discuss the job market, how to find a job, how to write a resume, and how to conduct successful interviews.

Financial Aid: these books discuss the financial aid system of universities in the United States. They describe the different scholarships, grants, and fellowships available to students at both the undergraduate and graduate level, and give advice on how to create a suitable financial plan for the students educations.

Field of Study: these books discuess the fields of study present in American education today. They offer a list of the different fields, as well as ratings for different programs of each field offered at different universities.

General Information: these books offer a general understanding of the educational system of the United States. They are different directories (and descriptions) of universities, educational statistics, financial concerns, fields of study, and handbooks useful for the average student. This catagory also includes any books that didn't fit into any other particular category.

Grduate Studies: these books offer information exclusively for students pursuing degrees at the graduate level.

Post Doctoral Research: these books offer information for Phd.'s who want to pursue further research in their fields of study. It lists different laboratories and research centers, and gives descriptions.

Testing: books offer sample tests on GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, SAT, LSAT, give advice how to prepare for these exams.

Undergraduate Studies: books offer information exclusively fo students pursuing degrees at the undergraduate level.

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