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Hundreds of thousands of students from all over the world annually come to the United States to study. If you are one of those who are planing to join this team, you will find this information very helpful to reach your goal.
Here are some steps you need to undertake and dates to remember in order to complete the application process successfully. These are suggestions, not strict deadlines.

18-24 months
before departure

Consult the nearest advising center, check for the information and resources available Evaluate your reasons for wanting to study in the US, taking into consideration:
• English proficiency and academic ability
• Motivation, objectives - why study in the US
• Your future plans - academic or employment possibilities
• Time required for an American degree
• Estimated cost of study and funding possibilities


Prepare for enrollment by selecting 15-20 appropriate institutions. Once you have located a suitable group of institutions that offer your field of study, compare them systematically. Look at them with respect to: your chosen field of study, degrees offered, accreditation, quality, easy of admission, location, size, cost, availability of financial aid, housing, approach to technology, international student service office, etc. Write to these universities to request further information including application forms for admission and financial aid.

Check for the information about scholarship and fellowship programs available at different US colleges and universities. If you need financial aid begin to look for sources.


Write to these American universities to request application forms for admission and financial aid.


Find out which standardized tests are required (TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, etc.) and register to take them in October or November.


Decide to which universities you would like to apply. Complete college application forms. Read all instructions carefully and fill the forms out neatly. Send applications WELL in advance of deadline. The sooner you send them, the more money the school has available, and mail from Russia may take a month or more to reach the states.


Wait for acceptance and rejection letters.


Contact universities who have not yet informed you of their decision.


If you are accepted at more than one university, accept the offer at your preferred institution and decline the others. Contact university housing office to reserve housing for the coming year. Contact the university's Foreign Student Adviser for any specific information concerning arrival, orientation. Apply for a student visa. Attend a pre-departure orientation session at the Education Advising Center.

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