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Application Forms
Each institution issues its own application form that requests for essential information which the institution will use to file and keep track of the student's application. You should read each application with care and submit all documents requested. The responses should be typed if possible. Be sure that you print and spell your name in exactly the same way in each part of the application. If your records are under a different name, be sure you indicate that on the application.
Example: Request for Application Forms and Cover Letter.

Certified Copy of Diplom in Russian
Make a copy of the original Diplom and have it STAMPED and SIGNED by the prorector or rector of the university. In addition, you may want the head of your department to sign it.

Certified Copy of Diplom in English
You must also include an English translation verified by a Notary, an official translating agency, OR the department of foreign languages at your university. If you have not yet received your diplom, you cannot send a copy of it. Universities understand this situation. If you are accepted, the university may ask you to forward a copy of the diplom once you receive it.

Certified Copy of Attestat in Russian and English
If applying to an undergraduate program, include a copy of your Attestat instead. Ask the school director to sign and stamp the Russian version, and have a Notary verify the English version of the document.

Certified Copies of Transcript in Russian and English
A transcript is a student's official academic record, listing all courses taken and grades received at the institution. Since most Russian universities do not issue official transcripts, you will need to prepare a substitute. It is better to translate the "vypiska from the zachetnaya kniga" since it is more complete than the "addendum to the diploma". You do not need to translate both of them. Make a copy of the Russian "vypiska" and follow the same translation procedure as for the diplom. Remember that the Russian version will still need to be stamped and signed by the appropriate officials at the university. The English version must be stamped and signed by someone who is officially allowed to verify translations.

Certified Copies of High School Transcript in Russian and English
If you are applying to an undergraduate program as a first year student, you should prepare, in Russian and English, a transcript of all of your classes in the ninth, tenth, and eleventh form. It is better to prepare your own transcript, since the "attestat" does not contain all classes. Ask your school director to sign and stamp the Russian version, and have a Notary, an official translating agency, or the foreign language department of a university verify the English translation. If you have not yet graduated, the transcript should include all classes completed so far and grades received.

Academic Admissions Examinations
Depending on the level of education and major you have chosen, universities will ask you to submit your score on the TOEFL, SAT, GRE, etc. This does NOT substitute for official scores sent by organizations administering these exams, like Educational Testing Service, College Board, etc. If you have not taken the tests or do not know your scores, simply write the date on which you took or plan to take the examinations. You can still mail your application to the university even if you haven't yet taken the exams.

Statement of Purpose
The statement of purpose is an extremely important part of the application because it gives the faculty assessing your application their first impression of you as an individual. What are your motivations for study? Do you write clearly? Do your interests really fit those of the department or school? Can you communicate your ideas effectively? Are there special things about you that set you apart from other applicants and make you particularly desirable as a student? The purpose of writing the essay is to give a summary of your background, to show your academic interest and your future goals. All of this together should be a justification for why you want to study in that program.

Letters of Recommendation
When students apply to undergraduate or graduate programs in America, the application process usually includes at least three recommendations from teachers or professors who can honestly evaluate the student's academic ability and potential as a scholar. Send exactly as many as are required. Each recommendation should be signed by the teacher or professor and enclosed in an envelope. Letters should be in English or include a certified translation.

Evidence of Financial Resources
Depending on the university, you may be asked to provide actual proof of your financial status, either when filling out the application or after you have been accepted. This proof can be a stamped and signed letter from your and/or your parents' employers stating the monthly salaries, and/or official bank statements showing the balance in your account.
If you are unable to pay for your education, or can only pay part of the costs, indicate that you want them to consider you for all types of financial aid. Be sure to check all boxes indicating teaching and research assistantships and fellowships. (if applicable)
It is best to be completely truthful about your financial situation.

Non-refundable Application Fee
Most American colleges and universities do not consider documents without an application fee. This fee varies from $10 to $150 or more. If you cannot pay the application fee, enclose a letter explaining the reason you are not able to pay. Most institutions will not process your application without the fee.

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