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The Moscow EAC is pleased to send you the monthly program announcement for March 2007. Each month, we send this announcement to our contacts to provide you with updated information on opportunities for study in the United States. If you want to unsubscribe, please send us a note.

This month program announcement includes info on the following programs:

Undergraduate and Graduate Study/Internship Opportunities with Central European University in Budapest

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We are pleased to bring to your attention three different study opportunities available for undergraduate and graduate students at Central European University (CEU) in Budapest, Hungary, which is an English-speaking institution, accredited in the United States and Hungary.

For Advanced Undergraduate Students: Study Abroad at CEU Graduate Study Abroad for Advanced Undergraduates at CEU in Budapest CEU offers a unique opportunity for advanced undergraduate students from around the world to participate in semester-based study abroad at CEU and enroll in graduate studies with CEU M.A. students who come from more than 70 countries. Study abroad students take graduate-level courses from any CEU departments and programs that include:

  • Mathematics and its Application,
  • Economics,
  • Political Science,
  • International Relations and European Studies,
  • Gender Studies,
  • Jewish Studies,
  • Nationalism Studies,
  • Philosophy,
  • Medieval Studies,
  • Religious Studies,
  • Sociology and Social Anthropology
  • History,
  • Human Rights Program in Legal Studies,
  • Media Studies,
  • Business,
  • Public Policy,
  • Environmental Sciences and Policy

More information, including application forms and available scholarships can be found at (for students from other countries).

For Graduate Students:
M.A. and Ph.D. programs at CEU M.A. and Ph.D. programs at CEU: CEU is a US-style graduate university located in the heart of Budapest, Hungary with almost 1000 M.A. and Ph.D. students from nearly 70 countries. CEU is accredited both in the United States (by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools) and in Hungary. The language of instruction and communication at CEU is English. Interested students can apply to M.A./M.S./MBA/LLMs and Ph.D./SDJs degree programs, many listed above.

The Information Networking Institute - Carnegie Mellon CyLab, Pennsylvania - Symantec Fellowships of $30,000

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The Information Networking Institute (INI) offers professional graduate degree programs in Information Networking, Information Security, and Information Technology that integrate technologies, economics, and policies of secure communication networks.

The Information Networking Institute is the educational partner of Carnegie Mellon CyLab.

Symantec Fellowships of $30,000 are presented annually to two incoming INI students in the Information Security Technology and Management (MSISTM) program. The fellowships are open to all incoming students in the MSISTM program, whether US or non-US citizens. Recipients are chosen based on an application process. The goals of the fellowship are to:

  • Encourage bright, research-oriented students to study at Carnegie Mellon in information security or assurance
  • Join with Carnegie Mellon to promote interest and knowledge of the field of security
  • Create summer and internship opportunities to augment academic studies
  • Invite Symantec Fellows to join Symantec following graduation, but with no obligation on either parties' part

For questions email us at and we will respond within 48 hours.

Duke University, The Fuqua School of Business offers merit scholarship and loans

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A sense of energy, passion and ambition pervades The Duke MBA experience. Faculty, staff and students partner to build a culture that emphasizes intellectual curiosity, innovation and legacy, and
together they drive The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University to constantly reach for a higher level.

Fuqua Merit Scholarship
Each year Fuqua funds a limited number of highly competitive, merit-based scholarships that are awarded to admitted applicants. The Fuqua Merit Scholarship Committee reviews applicants and makes award determinations generally within one or two weeks after a student is offered admission to The Duke MBA program. Every admitted applicant will be considered for a merit scholarship and if selected to be a recipient, will receive notification of their award approximately one week after their admission.

The Duke MBA Opportunity Loan
The Duke MBA Opportunity Loan was established to make loans available to all admitted international students without the need of a cosigner.
The Duke MBA Opportunity Loan forms for international student loan borrowers are expected to be available in May 2007.

Write to
Tel. 1 919 660 7705
Durham, North Carolina
Financial aid:

The University of Georgia LL.M. Program Ц Research assistants receive tuition waivers and a stipend

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The University of Georgia LL.M. Program offers a limited number of qualified and highly motivated individuals who already hold law degrees (approximately 15 students per year) the opportunity to pursue an individually-fashioned program of intensive research and related course work in areas of law in which the particular student wishes to specialize. International graduate students should expect to acquire and expand their knowledge of the legal systems in the United States.

The University of Georgia is a state university which benefits from generous financial support from the people of Georgia. Accordingly, tuition costs are substantially lower than at many comparable institutions. The location of the university in the college town of Athens means that housing, meals, and other costs are lower for students.

Scholarships and Assistantships for LL.M. Students

The Dean Rusk Center - International, Comparative and Graduate Legal Studies offers two forms of financial assistance to incoming LL.M. students. The first is called Graduate Assistantships, of which
several are awarded per year. Under this program, students receive tuition waivers and a stipend in exchange for their work as research assistants. The second form of assistance is called a Regents' Tuition Equalization Scholarship, an award that significantly reduces the costs of tuition by awarding students a status equal to that of State of Georgia residents. Several of these scholarships can be awarded yearly to admitted LL.M. students who come on a J-1 or F-1 visa.
Applications may be submitted online at
Deadline for application is March 15.

Write us at:

Postdoc: Bioinformatics Virginia Commonwealth University

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Postdoctoral Fellow in Bioinformatics A postdoctoral position is available in May or later in the Bioinformatics Laboratory at Virginia Institute for Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics, Department of Psychiatry, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine.

The successful candidate is expected to analyze the sequence and mutation pattern in mammalian genomes, especially focusing on the CpG island regions. He/she may also work on other ongoing research projects (e.g. bioinformatics analysis in psychiatric genetics or prediction of protein-protein interactions) .

The candidate will have the opportunity to involve in the expanding research program in the Center for the Study of Biological Complexity. The candidate will work in a dry lab environment.

VCU was recently ranked No. 1 in high impact papers in Psychiatry. The university is located in Richmond, the state capital of Virginia, within 90 minutes from the mountains, the beach, and Washington, D.C.

More information can be found at the website http://bioinfo. vipbg.vcu. edu/. Virginia Commonwealth University is an equal opportunity/ affirmative action institution. The qualified candidates should be highly motivated in research and have a Ph.D. in molecular biology, computational biology, or related when the job starts.

Some experience in one programming language (Perl, Java, or C/C++) is desirable. Applicants should send a CV, brief statement of research interests, and reference to: Zhongming Zhao (zzhao_at_vcu. edu). Zhongming Zhao, Ph.D. Bioinformatics Lab @ VIPBG Asst. Professor of Bioinformatics Dept. Psychiatry and Center for the Study of Biological Complexity Virginia Commonwealth University PO Box 980126, Richmond VA 23298-0126 Phone: (804) 828-8129 Fax: (804) 828-1471

University of Cincinnati - New scholarship for international high school students - $7,000 per year

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New scholarship for international high school students desiring to pursue a baccalaureate degree at the University of Cincinnati, fall 2007: The new scholarship is called the UC Global Scholarship and awards up to $7,000 per year in scholarship assistance to international freshmen who begin their baccalaureate studies in our autumn quarter (which starts September 19, 2007).

The deadline for students to be considered for this scholarship is June 1, 2007. Students only need to submit a complete undergraduate admissions application and SAT I scores to be considered for the scholarship.

Here are links that provide detailed information:

Undergraduate Admissions webpage for international students:

UC Global Scholarship webpage:

UC International Student Prospectus:

Flyer demonstrating financial impact of students who receive the UC
Global Scholarship AND participate in one of our co-operative education programs:

Jonathan Weller, University of Cincinnati
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Suite 340, University Pavilion
2624 Clifton Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0091

2008 International Fulbright Science and Technology Award for Outstanding Foreign Students

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Deadline: June 15, 2007

The International Fulbright Science and Technology (S&T) Award for outstanding foreign students, sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) of the U.S. Department of State, is
designed to be among the most prestigious international scholarships in science and technology. The Fulbright S&T Award is for Ph.D. study at top U.S. institutions in science, technology, or engineering.

For its pilot year (2007-2008), winners of this new Fulbright scholarship come all world regions. Recipients were chosen through a rigorous, multi-tiered, merit-based selection process consisting of in-country competition and review, field and discipline merit review by top-level U.S. academic leaders, and nomination by a blue ribbon Advisory Panel, including a Nobel Laureate and university deans and
presidents. Final selection was made by the Presidentially appointed Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board.

Applicants must be citizens of a country where there is an active Fulbright Foreign Student Program and must apply through the Fulbright Commission or U.S. Embassy in their country of citizenship. Applicants must have completed a bachelor's degree (comparable to a U.S. bachelor's degree) on or before the start of the program. It is highly recommended that the applicant have received his/her bachelor's degree in the same or a related field for which he/she plans to pursue Ph.D. study.

Eligible Fields of Study:

Eligible fields include Aeronautics and Astronomics/Aeronautical Engineering, Astronomy/Planetary Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Sciences/Engineering, Energy, Engineering (electrical, chemical, civil, mechanical, ocean, and petroleum), Environmental Science/Engineering, Geology/Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Information Sciences/Engineering, Materials Science/Engineering, Mathematics, Neuroscience/Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Oceanography and Physics.

Grant Benefits - The fellowship will provide the following benefits:

Activities, tuition and fees;
A monthly stipend for up to 36 months;
Book and equipment, research and professional conference allowances;
J-1 visa sponsorship for up to five years;
Round-trip airfare from fellow's home city to the host institution in the United States;
Health and accident coverage as per U.S. Government guidelines; and
Specially tailored enrichment activities.

After three years, the host U.S. university will be expected to cover the remaining expenses toward completion of the Ph.D. J-1 visa sponsorship will be provided for up to five years.

For additional information, please contact the U.S. Embassy or Fulbright Commission in your country of citizenship for additional information or application materials. or

Alcoa Foundation Practitioner Fellowships

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Deadline: May 31, 2007

Alcoa Foundation's Conservation and Sustainability Fellowship Program is a unique, international fellowship program created to advance the knowledge and support for exemplary work in the field of conservation and sustainability through fellowships to outstanding academics and practitioners from non-governmental organizations (NGO). By bringing together the academic, NGO and business communities, Alcoa Foundation's program will be a new model of effective private philanthropic action to address urgent problems of global concern.

Practitioner Fellowships provide a non-degree opportunity for qualified mid-level professionals from NGOs (and in some cases, government) to conduct approved six- to twelve-month intensive applied research projects in conservation and sustainability. Fellows work from their home organization and are mentored remotely by an expert from a selected Sustainability Institute. Fellows receive a grant of $10,000 and reimbursement for travel to an Orientation and a Program Conference.

To be eligible for a Practitioner Fellowship, you must be a mid-career professional employed by a non-governmental organization (NGO) or similar-type organization, or a governmental organization that permits the acceptance of this type of award. Full-time students and consultants are not eligible. Full-time employees of an academic institution (such as a professor, researcher or similar) conducting research of an academic nature are not eligible.

The completed application should be sent to the Institute of International Education no later than May 31, 2007. Applications received after this date will not be accepted.

For eligible fields of study, application instructions and more, please go to or contact:

Alabama State University: Full tuition Academic Scholarships for Freshman

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Alabama State University, founded in 1867, is a comprehensive regional university offering students from throughout the region, state and nation a world class education by providing learning experiences designed to develop intellectual abilities, as well as social, moral, cultural and ethical values.

Full tuition Academic Scholarships - FRESHMEN: High school applicants must have a grade point average of 3.51-3.75 in academic subjects on a 4.0 scale, or an ACT score of 24-26 (comparable SAT score of 1100-1209). The Academic Scholarship pays full tuition, books, fee and on-campus room and board for a maximum of eight semesters for freshmen and a maximum of six semesters for junior college transfe students. Scholarships are renewable annually based on completion of 24 semester hours with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0.

EducationUSA advisers in the Democratic Republic of Congo helped to secure a scholarship of $20,000 from ASU.

Scholarships Ц Academic

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